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2.0.0 Patch Notes


FOL classes aren’t even the same as TOL classes


“It’s said that you would destroy the Sith not join them!!”


Exactly, more balanced.




Because you’re calling the council bad?


Yeah, i’m destroying the council.


also already explained how easily the council can fall in the game ninja.


More confirmable

Sheriff not being convert able isn’t balanced


We all agree on this except the council controls everything and we literally can’t do a thing about it till we riot about it. As well, WHAT DO YOU MEAN? FOL is less confirmable due to no notifactions.


Notification still doesn’t make people unconformable. :wink:


Yes it does.


ToL is definitely RNG. Just look at unseen/cult winrate. Exactly the same as evil king or sellsword spawn rate. You almost require an extra body to win as unseen. Then you have the possibility of failing a convert night one… and nobody can say that’s due to a lack of skill. I’d say the majority of games come down to dumb luck and I don’t play it any more.


but all they do is review sfol and premium setups
Black Rose Team is the one who balances fol ya dingus