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2.0.0 Patch Notes


And everyone else is wrong :blush:


Not how that works


But Burrito my word is law /s


But Orange. Your word is digital text. And we all know the law is hand written


I don’t think it was even as not bad as 70% in the time I played it… closer to 80-90% in ranked. The Mafia’s winrate was considerably below what we are discussing for the NK.

Bottom line, at the end of a game in ToL, typically we’d see roughly 7 BD, 5ish Unseen/cult (talking ending not starting numbers) 3ish neuts, and the NK.

For me personally I like the NK win being feasible but still rare. I’d say 10-15% is where I stand as ideal.

Though yeah what I would say… is even if 20% were the ideal goal, keeping the NKs close to eachother is higher priority than getting them to the target range, and at least short term it’s easier to slighlty nerf one of them, then to try and balancedly buff 2.


I guess this statement is fair if anything


The more I think about it the more I love timesnatcher because it encourages bussing

now if only it got an extra poison too it would be amazeballs


Changed Probe Icon to its final form

yeah, right. we all there will be at least seven more versions of that.


I’d call Tos more balanced, not in nk standards but one side doesn’t get any major helps due to role RNG, that being said some of there roles are horrible and overpowered or underpowered

But Tols role list is heavy RNG, most classes are Random so you won’t have a set amount of protectors ect. also Neutrals are all counted the same where you can have 3 Neutrals bad for bd or 3 Neutrals good for bd.

It’s a luck of the draw right now when it comes to what classes are in Game.


I mean ToS is more balanced due to the role only having 1-2 ability, meanwhile ToL is more chaotic 'cause every classes have 2-3 ability that can greatly effect the game.

And ToL did not have a ranked mode for now.


True, just TOL is more RNG on what in Game Classes there are.

Still prefer it honestly because most of the classes feel more enjoyable


I would argue about Balance in ToS.
Almost all TI’s are broken in some way (Sheriff/Investigator/Psychic/Lookout etc)
Jailor is obvious, so it’s Crusader.
Bah, even TS like Mayor/Medium/Transporter can be confirmed without using TI’s.

While Evils don’t have many tools to play against them. Especially Mafia.

Implying adding Ranked Mode in Social Deduction with conversions is a good idea. :eyes:


ToS’s balance is very much mediocre at best tbh


That’s my main point tos roles aren’t balanced.

Also TOL ranked would be good, I think there conversions work really well


I mean yeah the devs make minor patches once I a blue moon if the community doesn’t like It well that’s too bad.

TOL devs and Mods listen to us


I’m not listening what do you mean

I mean…

I was never here, you never saw me


Actually, if a competitive mode is ever added beyond what we already have, I’d predict BD winrate would increase because more classes would be in more capable hands, as seen from FoL it’s very difficult for evils to get away without confirmation


actually this is more proof that we are bad balancers.


The biggest factor in evils getting away with the stuff they do is timel


actually this brings up a better point, we aren’t bad. the council black rose team is.