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2.0.0 Patch Notes


Even if you consider everyone who survives the first 30 seconds a winner you still have a winrate of possibly under 50%


And the multiball example? That’s an example directly from Mafia


Typically, it is easy to survive a long time in PUBG and I assume Fortnight isn’t much different - winning is hard.


The first 30 seconds are the hardest


Not if you land far away from everyone else.


Regardless. On the other side of the spectrum you have ToS with their 70% town winrate.

Do you see people saying ToS is fair and balenced? No, you have people calling for scum buffs and town nerfs


And their NK win rate is way below 10%


Yup. And ToS is considered unbalanced


My point was buffing NK winrate to 20% is insane. A 10% Nk winrate, 35% Scum, 55% BD winrate Should be fine.


I would instead push for 15% NK and 50% BD

You should never have better odds of winning randomly than coinflip odds


Nah, an NK winrate of 15% is too high

10% is fine - If you wanna split hairs and say something like…

10 (+/-2%)
35 (+/2%)

Is fine.


Possessor was almost universally considered UP when he had a 9% winrate


uhm acktually it’s fortnite************* :^)


Don’t care


this is so sad alexa play gucci gang nightcore



You’re winning the whole time until you lose

Then you immediately start another game, and you’re winning again

You spend way more time winning than losing


No that was pretty good tbh

But, to be specific, only winrate-wise

Otherwise changes were good


I included the word almost specifically because I knew you and mole would disagree


I mean I think Possessor wasn’t in a very good spot, but its winrate was


Right. I disagree and I bet almost everyone else does too