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2.0.0 Patch Notes


So 17% is that sweet spot for NK winrates? You want 3 possesses back?

Don’t get me wrong, I want the third possess as much as anyone, but it is either that or mind control


I want 3 possess and make mind control 2


possess is much more interesting then mind control


17.5% is insanely too high

I don’t have the figures to hand, but Let’s say for arguments sake Win % for faction wins were like 15% NK, 20% Cult/Unseen and 55% BD And on average, Other neutrals win 60% of the time. It works out as there being per match (assumed averages) -

1NK (15% chance)
2 Other Neutrals (60%)
5 Evil Faction (Evil King/Conversion) (20%)
8 Blue Dragon (65%)

Let’s assume you play 1600 matches Evenly distributed between each class

As NK, you earn 15 wins and 85 loses
As the ‘Other Neutral’ You experience 120 wins and 80 loses
As the Evil Faction, you experience 100 Wins and 400 Loses
And when you get Blue Dragon, You experience 580 wins and 220 Loses
Therefore, after your 1600 matches you have 815 wins and 785 Loses

Which is below a 60% overall Win rate - and you that is with NK winrate far too high


Mhm, mind control is simply there for endgaming.

With Sorc if you’re smart there is no endgame, reaper has souls and now Poss has MC

If they save their 2 MCs they are able to win at 4P


yeah just make possess 3 and limit mind control


whispers and let’s bring back old noble maid spy and remove force vote noble twin and I’ll finally be able to get that sweet noble claim as poss


You just assumed that no one wins in 10% of games.

Redo the calculations with 30% Cult/Unseen winrate


So it would actually be 845 wins and 755 loses

That’s a 52% winrate


Which is pretty bad tbh


Hold up. You also got the BD number too high.

BTW if you use 15% NK, 50% BD, 35% Scum and 60% Neut then you get 44% with 710 wins.

And if you instead use the more realistic 40% Neut winrate you get 41% with 670 wins


Lowering BD and other neut winrate makes it even worse.


I’m using more accurate numbers


I plucked numbers out of the air lol


And I didn’t. Problem?


Nope, just it makes even more damning that an increase in NK winrate makes the game less fun.


Oh and remember. People play fortnight. Winrate for that game is 1%

Also people play boardgames with one winner and more than 2 players. Usually about a 25% winrate


In a Battle Royale Game, every second you are alive means you are winning.


Not to mention proper multiball is considered balenced at a 33% winrate


The Boardgame example doesn’t transfer because you never play a boardgame alone. You play with someone else. Losing a game to faceless entities is not fun.