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2.0.0 Patch Notes


Why do you have to misquote my post


Solic has sown sadness in our hearts, it only makes sense he has to come back and reap it


I didn’t.


What if feeling sad is my kink?


no u


No us.


Around 10% Winrate for Nks is fine


I’d go lower personally, but 10% is acceptable.

Any higher is pushing it.

Over 15% is a lot.


5% is the perfect winrate.


1 person (with maybe a couple extas of fool/alchemist etc) solely winning more than 3/20 games is not okay in my books.

NKs don’t need to ultrapowerful demigod classes that win tons of games, because the only thing that results in is everyone losing more of the time statistically. NKs should hover around the 10% mark imo, which for the most part they have been doing.

It’s not a matter of being gamebreaking, it’s a matter of being statistically 1.5x more likely to win than the other two NKs, making NK win rate mostly based on which class rolled. As I’ve stated above, it’s a good thing that Possessor’s win rate is being lowered to match rather than the opposite.


1 in 10 is perfect for turbos imo, but I’d say in non-turbo games it’s too high.


Eh, it’s arguable. How a 3p killer’s win-rate should be isn’t really agreed on as a consensus in FM communities, which is why they’re kind of controversial to balance.



My opinion was stated above

As such


NKs should be a threat though. They should be compared to a minority faction.

I’m not saying that they should be that strong, but they should be an actual threat.

That would be too weak. 20% for a NK is good. They’re a single player going up against 2 factions, and possibly some neuts as well.

The other NKs should be buffed then. 10% win rate is too weak for a class that’s meant to go against 2 separate factions on its own.


You are seriously saying you want everyone to lose 1 in 5 games to a single player? Pfft, that’s not a way to keep people engaged with a game!


20% might be too much, but 10% is definitely too weak. NKs should be powerful


And they are powerful. I killed 4 people in one night as Reaper once.

Fact is when an NK wins, about 80% of the match Loses.

To keep people engaged, they need to average a win percentage around the 70% mark or the game feels too hard and not rewarding.


Possessor was fine before though, which is my main point. 17.5% is good for a NK. Reaper could use a few buffs to bring it to a 15% win rate. Same with sorcerer.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Oh boy…
Mole you take over.


I agree 20% is a tiny bit too much