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2.0.0 Patch Notes


The Anniversary Update With New Classes!

Store Content:

  • Added 2 new Deathnote colors - Brown & Light Green.
  • Added 3 new Emotes - “T” Off, Air Lute, and Wild Flail.
  • Added 1 new Weapon - Throwing Axes
  • You can now equip up to 3 emotes at once.
  • Login during the 1st week of the v2.0 patch to claim your free event items.

Quality of Life:

  • Updated the look of all the armors.
  • Changed Probe Icon to its final form.
  • Added undo button for DN. Can only undo the last 5 changes. You can also use CTRL+Z.
  • Reaper, Possessor & Sorcerer have new rooms.
  • The name for Telepathy messages is now pink.
  • The spawning system now looks at your last 20 games to reduce the odds of getting the same class repeatedly and increases the odds of getting a class you haven’t played.
  • Unfriending warns it’s permanent: Be careful who you thumb your nose at.
  • When a game ends after leaving a game while dead, you now get a notification that shows how much gold you were awarded.
  • Loading screen now has music.


  • The King now has a crown floating above their character.
  • The logbook, private notes, and ability descriptions were converted over to the newer text renderer. (It had to be done)
  • If a player swaps an occupier into themselves, they will appear occupy immune.
  • Added a button to the logbook and private notes that allows you to send the currently selected text to chat with line breaks intact. Can only be used 2 times a day and can only send a max of 10 lines.
  • Added 2 new BD Classes - The Maid and The Chronomancer

Minor Class/Ability Changes


  • Reduced Stoneskin uses to 1.
  • Fixed potions not being used up when prevented.


  • Distract will now also disabled a player’s abilities for the duration. Duration has been increased to 20 seconds.


  • When the Fool is executed, instead of being unable to use abilities for a night, everyone who accused them will now lose a use from all limited use abilities. Reaper will lose a soul and Mercenary will lose a brilder.


  • Now learns the starting classes of the Heathens.


  • Can now commit suicide during Day 3.


  • Receives a notification at the start of the night if they are shielding someone.
  • Can now leave after getting 6 brilders.


  • Can no longer target King at night.


  • When you heal someone, the message is now green.


  • Abilities that target fellow faction members will now also be able to target the Possessor. Abilities that cannot target fellow faction members will not be able to target Possessor.
  • Possess uses reduced to 2.


  • Fixed Ballot Mixing not being usable during trials.


  • Renamed Trickery to Disguise


  • Added Day Ability Bewilder - Prevent the King from using their day abilities. 2 uses.

Major Class/Ability Changes:


  • Guards! can no longer target other players.
  • Reduced Guards! by 1.
  • Good King now starts with only 1 extra guard.
  • Good King now starts with Safeguard instead of Swear Fealty. Target player will be death immune for the night. 4 uses.
  • Allies will now also make target death immune for the night.

New Classes:


(Portrait by Luxx)

Blue Dragon Investigative
Inspiration taken from @Boopydoop Maid(Blue Dragon Investigator) and Waitress(Unseen Investigator) - Actually Implemented eeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Matchmake (Night) - Test if target is compatible with the player you last checked. You start with a random player to test against. (Cannot target King).
    Players are compatible if they win together.
    Fool and Scorned are incompatible with everyone.
    Royals are incompatible with each other. (Infinite uses)
  • Nosy Servants (Night) - Target a living player and dead player. You will learn if the living player visited the dead player on the night they died. Does not count as visiting. Will not see non-visiting abilities. (3 uses)


(Portrait still being worked on)
Unseen Investigative (Converted from Maid)

  • Analyze (Night) - Test if two players are the same class type. If they are you will learn their classes. (Cannot target King or Unseen). (Infinite uses)
  • Prying Servants (Night) - Target a dead player. You will learn all the players that visited them on the night they died. Does not count as visiting (2 uses)


(Portrait by Adiart)

Blue Dragon Support
Inspiration taken from @Icibalus The Chronomancer and The Timesnatcher [Classes]

  • Pocket Dimension (Day) - If you die tonight, delay it for 2 nights. This will delay bleeding and poison in addition to attacks. Deaths delayed this way cannot be redirected with Distort Reality. (2 uses)
  • Time Warp (Night) - Delays a player’s death for 2 days. This will delay bleeding and poison in addition to attacks. You can prevent a death multiple times. Cannot delay unhealable attacks or suicide. (Infinite uses)
  • Distort Reality (Night) - Redirect a player’s death you prevented with Time Warp to another player. Can be healed and does not bypass death immunity. (Infinite uses)


(Portrait still being worked on)
Unseen Support (Converted from Chronomancer)

  • Rewind (Passive) - If you become an Assassin and have no uses of Two-For-One left, you will regain a charge.
  • Time Snatch (Night) - Target a poisoned/bleeding player. Causes the poison/bleeding to speed up and kill them tonight. (2 uses)
  • Dark Dimension (Night) - Make the Unseen appear not suspicious to investigative abilities. (2 uses)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug when Alchemist switches potions while targeting the same player.
  • Possible fix to the Vortex Amulet execution crashing games in Vulkan.
  • Hitting enter after having voted during a trial will no longer cancel your vote.
  • Follow should now properly show the MM/CL’s new target when they get a pity convert.
  • Fixed Inquisitor’s Ruthless Efficiency preventing Reaper from reviving.


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I’m looking forward to this, good job Boslof!






Also I think the Fool change has one thing that may crop up occasionally

Any classes with no uses (or none remaining) can safely execute it for free




Similarly, the two-use will paste seems like an odd restriction - but I think it won’t be an issue at all lol, and will help cut back on spam, so I see why it exists


Dat Inquisitor buff :eyes:


I’m not sure stopping mystic linking King AND removing SF was needed. I honestly thought SF was fine.


Good Mystic change

Sucks it has to happen but SF is too good when paired with Link


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It’s honestly not that different, just a bit tankier with less utility

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Dude Rewind is insanely powerful holy cow


Maid seems good but im not sure about Chronimancer being non-unique class.