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16969th Poster gets a cookie


It’s funny how when you can’t remember 40 digits you memorize but you can remember a longer story


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Oh wait I was typing fast

it’s funny how you can’t memorize 40 digits but you can memorize a long story


I was wondering the same thing

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I got 38 out of 40 of the numbers correct


Memorizing it is so unacceptably futile


X-Tra credit is worth it


I felt awkward grabbing a piece of paper and then saying “this may take a while” and just started writing a story and then wrote numbers above some words


However I can confirm memory palace does work


I probably could have done 60 numbers if I studied more then a day and wrote the sentences


Well, If it works then it works, no point in not doing that


@NuclearBurrito here


I’m learning science with nuke today folks


Nuke is talking about how we can all be very near immortal when we are 20


That’s an exaggeration but not by much. Although on some follow up research experts are estimating it to be more like in our 40’s. Although technically it doesn’t really matter so long as we are alive when the technology is invented


but i wanna die




Someone help, I have literally become addicted to anime and have started binge watching multiple different animes


The virus is spreading



Watch One Piece