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16969th Poster gets a cookie


did I misunderstand

it looked like they just understood how to rewind an video on a computer


No, they understood how to rewind an image without the programme having knowledge of the original image

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how tf does that work

and what can be done since they know this


they have literally managed to violate the law of entropy. If this is peer-reviewed and verified then that’s a huge scientific breakthrough

also, more accurately they’ve created a complex random process that reverses itself perfectly most of the time, which proves that it is theoretically possible for a random process to produce the same situation that it started in over large periods of time, theoretically giving credence to the “repeating big bang” theory

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it’s hard to extrapolate the possibilities this creates but if this is true then the consequences for science and technology are huge

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just give an example


I can’t because
A: I’m not a genius
B: I have drama homework, I’m busy
C: i don’t fucking know

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basically it won’t mean anything for a long time yet but it is theoretically proof that violating the laws of thermodynamics could be possible, as well as time travel being possible


Alright so should I be scared or excited



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Alright guys I have a plan.

I’m going to attach a number with an object. 1-9 objects. Then I will make a story that somehow has 80 of those objects…wish me luck


Ooh, Like choose your adventure?


no so I can remember 80 digits of pi



Well best of luck
I only know 3.14


3.1415 here


Brace yourself when I finish making a story



i know more of tau though.



As you put the key in the door, you noticed something weird. There were pictures of donuts (3) berries (1) and eggs (4) on the door. Opening the door you look on the floor, berries (1) and other fruits (5) were scattered across the floor. I got my key and placed it on the key holder, then noticed a fuzzy cat (9) eating a cookie you
Left out (2). I then went into the desk that I normally go to, and noticed that the grapes (6) and the fruits (5) that spilled on the floor were actually from the desk. However there were some donuts (3) still on the desk, unfortunately most of the fruits (5) that spilled were ruined. I then noticed the light (8) to the desk flickering, the bulb was too old for this. The fuzzy (9) cat somehow found a hotdog (7) and was rubbing up against me, silly fuzzy cat (9). I then walk into my kitchen and notice the donuts (3) and cookies (2) left on the counter. I go and grab a donut (3) and eat it. Then I noticed the kitchen light (8) not working. It was actually just egg (4) covering the light.

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The way I remember what’s associated with each number is simple.

As I count down the alphabet the numbers get higher. So basically I just got to remember that the further the letter of the word I’m thinking of the higher the number. As well when I’m writing down the pi number I have to write down this chart from memory then the story lmao