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16969th Poster gets a cookie


Nah, you’d have to make assumptions, like the fact that it’s actually a semi-circle, which isn’t provided.

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BD would also equal AE right


Oh, right. I should say that.

ABED is within a semicircle.


sorry, inexact wording is a scourge on fools who try to set maths questions on online forums


wouldn’t the square area be 50 unless I totally forgot the forumula for how to get the area of a square

Yes ik it isn’t the forumula for that shaded thing just wondering


Squares are rectangles, but rectangles aren’t necessarily squares.


still would be right tho


AH I wish I knew the radius of this thing


updated including stress-inducing amount of marks, triggering PTSD flashbacks to maths tests


I have to go now lmao


this is bothering me I want to figure it out


You can get the radius by making it a full circle and square and then finding the distance from B’ to B with Pythagoras.


the circle to square step is unnececary


*semicircle to circle step

You can figure it out pretty simply with the fact that C is the midpoint


After getting the whole area of the circle you can subtract the area of the square from it and divide it by 4. Should be it.


Then we can get the area of the whole circle and divide it by 2 and minus it by the square area to get all those 3 spaces area and then Idk

I think the above is possible


or that


yeah that is correct
although uhhh in the original version of the problem we used more difficult lengths


I can’t believe you somehow made me do geometry again.

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why was that problem more interesting then math class