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16969th Poster gets a cookie


Yeah you are rite


each power is treated as if the other thing doesnt exist


i.e. for the duration of that ability that player is not in the game


that makes zero sense

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Make them not being able to roll together


like just treat the ability as if the person with the super block simply isnt there
not there to negate it, or there for it to effect.
like if the ability is to redirect every player to the player in the next place, it would just jump over the person with the defense (say 11), connecting the person before them to the person after, (i.e. 9>10, 10>12, 12>13 and so on)


im basically just transferring the explanation from that one asap science video to a mechanic


Welp, The Kombat Kast got delayed to next week

Sad Face.


Wearing multiple layers of clothing indoors is fun :^)


It makes me happy to see a Canadian Ridley main win a tournament agansit a hard counter


Ability that bypasses everything are more common than total immunities, so I would just use the law of lesser scope.


oh hell yeah you know what time it is




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  • Kokichi
  • Bee
  • Legoshima
  • Sans Undertale

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I had to fix to show voters multiple times. just recast your vote random person


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