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13371st Poster gets a cookie


Then have solic ban yourself genius


Can you demod others?


No can do


Everyone is getting jojo pfp’s, change yours too. You have that pfp since the ace attorney game from half a year ago.


change it to killer queen thats a cat


If I change mine I guess I’d be magicians red


I never watched Jojo’s in my life, yall sinners


go watch it and you’ll immediately join this spicy trend


No jojo




That excitement that we would make it so soon and then it dies down again.

Ohhh the wiley flows of the cookie hunt.


i mean just look back at that first 1k, how long it took us to reach that point.


I haven’t been chill
I will be chill



I’m chiller than chill.
A.k.a. Chilll.





with that iq, hes really just your average viewer of rick and morty


Oi back from UIL, what’d I-

u fuking what mate, Alrighty



Smash content reveal trailer came out!
It’s pretty good
Anywho I had a busy day and am tired have fun talking about dis