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13371st Poster gets a cookie


But I’ll have a cookie at least!


I don’t have a copy and wtf there’s a serial killer loose?


But the cookie


here’s the article on wikipedia


Psycho, are you looking to swoop in at the last moment and steal the cookie, and will this be neccecary to save your family?


Is this actually true


This avatar should indicate that I’m serious. Deadly serious.


That cookie is actually one of the corpse parts


Psycho, there’s only one part a human body that’s circle-shaped.


Are you saying that the cookie is actually one of the Saint’s balls?




Isn’t a head a circle


Also that would be a sphere


i’m just saying if your head’s a circle then you have something seriously wrong with you


also i forgot about the eyes never mind


once you read Part 7 that joke about the balls will make sense


How does a person even live without one of their hands


Anyway, Roland Wright could strike at any time. Do you know a way to get this annoyance behind bars once and for all?


The part of the body that would resemble a cookie the most would probably be an ear


Also I looked it up and it’s a board game