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13371st Poster gets a cookie


I do



Here, we are interviewing both Boss110 and Hjasik, who both aim to add a second cookie to their collection.


I am actually going to sleep now


Excuse me I’m taking that cookie


Thank you for joining us. Hjasik, was your childhood abuse at the hands of your father the motivator for your aiming to be the two-time Cookiebearer?


Ah, here’s quite the upset! Due to unforseen circumstances, Boss110 has been replaced by Firekitten, who is hopefully an adequate replacement.


I’m taking the cookie either way, so I suggest everyone back off or else

I borrowed the hammer from a mod I knocked out while rioting back in my COI days


Firekitten, was anime a mistake?


Some was and some isn’t


For example, I think most of JoJo is a mistake besides the cat


Its great, I didnt really like anime/manga until I discovered jojo


I’ll watch it soon to see what it’s like


Well, there we have it jim. Firekitten is a degenerate who thinks JoJo was a mistake, and thus must be assasinated before he gains the honour of being the cookiebearer


It’s funny because that outlines how news people cherry pick things and then does that


The first three episodes of part 1 are great, but it kinda slows down after that


@Icibalus r you going to try to get the cookie?


I could lock the thread and hyperpost at the right moment, but I’d probably get rioted of the site… hmmm. would it be worth it?



Are you worried about the fact that notorious board game serial killer, Roland Wright, commonly known as Rollyboi, is loose once more, and have you taken proper steps to ensure your copy of Betrayal At House On Hill is secure?


everyone would hate you, you would be publicly shamed. Word will get out to your family and even then they would disown you, saying you aren’t family anymore and you are a disgrace. You would be fired from your job and on your way out people would laugh at you. You would be sitting in a card board box asking for change and everyone just laugh at you.