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13371st Poster gets a cookie


I can’t warch 40 x 4 episodes to just see the cat


how worth it is it


I watch it too and I agree with what Ici is saying


Just watch JoJos. It’s really fucking good.


I still have this problem of being hungry but too lazy to get up


Okay maybe 1-2

Are the first episodes boring


Part 1’s opening is alriiight but not the best.


Until Part 3 stands aren’t a thing and it’s an above-average shonen fight series.


that sounds boring


Look, after you get halfway through Part 2 you’ll be hooked. I gaurentee it.


Black Clover


40 episodes to be hooked why


Part 1 is only 10 episodes long, and it’s not bad by any stretch of the word.


How long is part 2


That’s why I said on average.


It’s about 30 episodes long (iirc) and features Joseph Joestar, who is the most M O O D person ever to live


Part 2 have 17 episode


Look, it’s a very very good series but you have to watch it for the sake of watching it, not for any particular thing.


Ladies and gentlemen. We have 327 posts until the next cookie. In the run-up to the historical reveal of the Eighth Cookiebearer.

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Who else holds a cookie?