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13371st Poster gets a cookie


I need them because I’m already dumb enough as I am


Also, the actual fight scenes are incredibly intricate and based almost entirely based on the intelligence of the combatants involved in it rather than ““determination””, and it’s very very funny.


I’m hungry but I’m too tired to get up




Unreleated question

Can humans survive by eating grass




The fact that the abilities of the stands are strange and oddly specific and yet almost always extremely powerful means that unlike a lot of anime the fight scenes play with the best aspects of the more traditional Shonen fight scenes (the breathtaking visuals, the sheer H Y P E) but also the excitement of the best of heist movies: the sheer intelligence of the solutions, the sense of excitement of overcoming seemingly insurmountable abilities.

And did I mention it’s fun?


what about the cat with a bomb


There is a bomb with a cat instead




wait a minute is that Killer Queen


this is the only thing that will make me watch jo jo if I watch it


Idk boss gave me it as a pfp



Look at how adorable it is


You’ve had this beautiful thing as an avatar without knowing it’s true glory?


wtf I liked the cat better


(I already send him the Wiki link)


that’s the same thing lmao


but the cat is adorable and that’s a monster


@Firekitten How about this one?