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12345th Poster gets a cookie


no spook warning fuck you hja


So you are going to give me good time


I have evolved as you can see from the shiny shield icon. I’d feel weird making a new topic about it, so just know you can ping me for any mod action for your forum games and I will do my best to help with forum trickery.


gg solic

but is fol still going to be a thing?


I trust in it. We have had a tumultuous week, but people are still playing, games are still being hosted.

And I know at least Marl will eventually cave in his addiction and come back


i feel like the migration will happen someday tbh.
at least ill be migrating with games i host


but anyway.

itll be your job to make this work.


As is your right. We’ll see what happens!


alright lads, lemme just get on in here
supreme overlord coming through


Gg Maximus.


Max, do I need to get the mallet? :eyes:


I’m gonna mess you up again.


:cowboy_hat_face: Howdy


Do not comment on Maxi’s meme post. If someone does comment on it, do not click on the arrow that leads to the post as it will automatically start the video. If you do this while the video auto starts when you enter the thread, you’re gonna have a bad time :^)


So did you want me to comment on it :wink:


Honestly just hammer it out of existence


Poll time! What shall I do to the post?:

  • Delete Max’s autoplaying meme post
  • Keep it up as it is, but don’t comment on it

0 voters


/decide fate execute




/decide fate pardon