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12345th Poster gets a cookie


You are wrong. The one managing the games was exclusively me. So yes it is my decision to make


I think Marl just meant to say that all of the work he had been doing, he will no longer do.

Anyone is free to take up after him of course.


From the sounds of it you are no longer doing it.

That does not mean it will not be done.

Sorry to be on the opposite side of the fence here, but for now I’d appreciate if you’d cool off. For the time being, we could still use the queue - for any games that do actually run.

Also, smart idea to hide this within the cookie thread. We could probably talk some serious shit here and nobody would ever find it :laughing:


pings devs


I just want the cookie thats why im here


We have to keep calm at times like these, this is for general random crap, I believe


See there you go squid


Seriuous Question

Should i get Dark souls 3, or Witcher 3


Neither of them


Never played Dark Souls so Witcher 3


Well the question is(warning, using vulgar language, since I can’t seem to illistrate both at the same time without using language)

Do you want to get fucked by every single thing out there? If so then Dark Souls 3


Do you like to fuck every single thing out there? If so then Witcher 3


I don’t think he is planning to download any nsfw mods there


You don’t need to download NSFW mods

I think that stuff is already present in the game


witcher 3 it is

i get all the DLC aswell for 20 bucks

thats worth




Doesn’t look like komaeda


cursed and spoiler for danganronpa v3


That’s nsfw


you know what. you have a bad time, its your choice


I want to have a good time