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12345th Poster gets a cookie


We really don’t want bastard mechanics if it’s supposed to be super quality


Grand idea
Super quality


I think it is to go against citizens or “scorned with icibalus as target” classes


Citizen is the best class fite me


I love the dungeon master
it has to be rolled at least once


My classes are better


I’ll repost Glitter Faerie btw


I love crossing classes because they become weird wild chimeras


already ruined the thread
sorry boys.


Why did you do it


Separating abilities I think that are fun
Basically reformulating my GI classes or classes that were reposted into GI by me


I really like those in separate:
Sleepover (Passive) - Each player will have a private night chat with the player below them in the player list.
Wisdom (Passive) - Always knows how many players visited you last night
Dwarven Armor Training (Passive) - When you die, reveal the death cause.
Pack Tactics (Passive) - Every player you win with that visits the same target at yours at night will be empowered.
Dragonkin (Day) - If a player has posted less than 50 posts during the day, mark them. You will know their win condition after two cycles. - Infinite uses
Darkvision (Night) - Select a target. You will be notified of which factions visited your target last night - 1d4 uses


There will no longer be Management of any kind on these forums. There will be no queue / review for any setups.


F mega


Marl can we not plz


Not your decision to make pal.

You can step down (I’d really rather you don’t), but this is larger than just you. Sorry.


Except that nobody on the FoL team is contesting this decision :thinking:
Anyone else is free to manage it from here of course


boom hostile takeover complete

I’m in charge now bois


whats the plan now that ur in charge?


if your not gonna answer I coup you then. Now I have the power