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12345th Poster gets a cookie




shit uh
i think i accidentally left the fol discord
can i have it back lmao


nah thats just the january effect.
makes weird memes


theyll get better


I’ll take over hosting short fuse III if Jazz can no longer do it and is willing to allow me to host her setup. It’s too grand to let go. :thinking:


But I like having your holder :frowning:


she got banned from the forums

Someone gotta.


@Mercenary that’s fucking broken

he can out the entire unseen


I was only pasting my GI classes
ye I’ll fix tat


just make it so that he can talk using quick topic to the mm privately so that the unseen can coordinate without him knowing who they are

the rest of the unseen have a pm chain or whatever

the unseen know his clsss and who he is but not the other way around


what’s quick topic


that would be too much hassle for the host
so I instead gave a 6-hour delay


basically a private messaging thing where you can choose your username

mastermind would choose “Mastermind” as their name




how would 2 private chats be too much hassle tho


how do you quicktopic


it was used in valkyria for irene

just google quicktopic


I think mercenary is in love with this


damn I thought it was something related to eeveebot


nope lol

eeveebot is a custom bit eevee designed