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12345th Poster gets a cookie



Wait, hold up.


CYL 3 Results came out

Micacah, Camilla, Alm, and Eliwood were the most voted

So im interested to see what they will be

Im probs going to take one of the 3 that isnt camilla, due to her having multiple alts.

I expect Alm to be a bow unit.


Yassssss Micaiah
Time to download FEH again


Both Alm and Micaiah get unique abilities, since they were first

I want to see what they will be tbh

Im thinking colored bow for alm, and Micaiah a staff unit

Eliwood is likely Sword

And Camilla will be Axe/Green tome as my guesses.


We get Conqueror Alm Bitches.







have an unedited komaeda


also I bought DRV3

what character do I ruin next?






Ruin pug


I just realised on the sans komaeda image.

The Lyrics to Stronger than you Sans is there but it’s really fucking compressed.



WHAT? That’s not Papyrusy. That’s some person from like Attack on Titan or whatever. The image is so poorly edited, and you can tell it’s a JPEG because of the white around it. At least they got the Snow right other than the fact that IT’S AT THE START OF SNOWDIN INSTEAD OF THE END OF IT… this is not where Papyrus and Frisk have the epic showdown in Undertale.


@Pug when are you going to get with the times and stop with your old memes


get with the times pug
he’s coming


shaggy is a god tho


also i dont do new memes if its big chungis level unfunny

that was fucking horrible


the shaggy memes ive seen so far have been great tho


also you forgot nagito.

he’s at the very least a godly being