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12345th Poster gets a cookie


This thread has been corrupted by something beyond human understanding
i wish i could ever like danganronpa and undertale ever again
but i can’t


Blame pug


can we really blame pug
or should we blame the society that created him?


Society can’t create pug


Only his parents can


hey what do you call it when Ralsei is attacked from behind by a shark?


Sexual assault


He gets bitten undertale.


Also if we go by that we can’t blame anyone


i dread to think that somebody actually came up with blandly saying the names of the two most popular characters from two relatively popular games and combining them with other characters from the game and combining them with Roblox

we literally have no hope if Sans Komeada isn’t a result of our decadence overvcoming us


but you cant blame them for their actions in that case


the hardest choices require the strongest wills


want to play roblox


Some would say

It’s unfathomable


you’re leagues ahead of me in coming up with naval puns


What do you call a pencil sharpener that doesn’t do its job?