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12345th Poster gets a cookie


@Dev-Xblade blue found the reason it’s deleted

If you quote a ping it’s deleted


Second theory bottom text



It’s any quoted pinged name.


i forgot i had down special lol


I always forget about my down specials, but not my side ones :wink:


i gotta go again soon, so im closing it down

that was quite enjoyable and u gave me a challenge


Well, I’m glad to fight a powerful opponent :slight_smile:
I must say that was great practice


Who won



My hate for the ice climbers has increased ngl.


Squid won 2, i won like 7 or 8.


But, all of the matches were pretty close tbh.


I don’t main Ice Climbers to piss anyone off, but I do like to “twirl” my hammers around


I was getting annoyed,as i accdeintally used up smash many times, when i wanted up tilt.


if this quote gets deleted then blue is gay




@reaper rolls so low at intuition it hurts


Big Chungus (aka testing)


Chungus the Second (more testing)


Chungus III (final test)


System’s deleting the entire quote of the immediate post above