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11111st Poster gets a cookie


Always read it like this. :eyes:


“… not making sound” - google




But that’s incorrect :eyes:


Put an extra T in your name! No slang allowed


marl why you have to bulli me so much :frowning:


It’s my job


Fun fact: a streamer i found pronounced it Planet Terror.

brb instilling fear on mars


i thought your job was to “moderate with error” tho


when you try so hard but you don’t succeed


in the eeeend it doesnt even matteeer


in the end there is a cookie


When you have to wait 8 hours to play smash, cause you pre ordered back in Canada and not in Australia.


We’re all in this together


It’s not the worst for me tbh

4-6 pm allows me time to play


Chibis are not Lolis
Lolis are illegal

Chibis are adult characters drawn in a mere cute way.



Your head


@Insanity dude I just broke the egg during the chinese exam.


like it’s crack



God dang it, you have another egg, right?