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11111st Poster gets a cookie




false, what about 3 billion B.C.


3 billion bc = -3 billion


fair point


3 billion because




i am confusion


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but chrom looks to be one of the worst characters in ultimate, just because of how shitty his recovery is.


> pizaa guy
do not disrespect our lord and saviour troy



I want to welcome the (hopefully) newest recruit to Forum of Lies, @Stormy
He is a very keen player from Throne of Lies, lets gib him a warm welcome!


Also stormy, we don’t currently have any games of forum of lies running at the moment, but I’d highly recommend reading some games listed here:

Forum of Lies 15 is a personal favourite of mine (being my first forum of lies)

I hope you enjoy your stay here at the forums

tips hat

Just let me know if you want me to DM you on discord when the next Forum of Lies (FoL) is running :+1:


@Firekitten host a CFoL k thx bye


no you do it


/w firekitten hey i flirted you what’s your class


cream salad


Just finished two home work assignments and a project in one hour


Now, all of you may be are definitely wondering, “Tumblr is banning porn, what do I do?”

The answer: Porn is bad for you and you should feel ashamed of yourself. Now go and do something productive or I’m going to have to purge your ass.

Oh, and You should probably sell your stocks if you have any.


Believe it or not I wasn’t thinking that


That means that you haven’t seen the memes yet you uncultured swine

Who doesn’t keep up to date on the trending memes?


is anyone on cause this is getting boring

someone speak