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11111st Poster gets a cookie


shit he was lmao. I don’t keep up that much with the packers i just watch this week in sportsball to get my updates on them


Well, I don’t watch much football, but when I hear stuff about the Packers, I’m actually a little invested


@PoisonedSquid btw me to xd


you mean the Aaron Rodgers Shows?


Wait what when did you drink beer


And when did you started having bad taste
Beer is absolute shit, not to say the more you drink the more your throat and lips dries, which is horrible
Also so much need to piss. All the time.


I find it a good EoD drink

Makes you tired


Not really, but I know Rodgers the most


My boy yoshi looks better.


I am always tired


you realize im implying the packers only have one good players


I could get something like half a cup whenever my father is drinking since I was a kid. It’s not like I could get a can whenever I want, but it is not taboo.
You know, we live in the interior.


Well, it still healthier than cigarretes
But never take this path. So much can go wrong


you can be 18 to smoke but you wanna sip of wine? NOPE GOTTA BE 21


Here in Brazil 18 is legally ok to buy drinks


time to move to brazil




but nah id prefer ireland


we also would


Same is Australia