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11111st Poster gets a cookie


Physically impossible to be anti-lewd.

Not lewd and lewd are the only things


Shoot me on sight then :wink:



I don’t resort to killing

I’m a white knight


That’s a terrible safe word


Save me and I might let you have fun :wink: :wink:


Hell no

I’m a selective White knight


Grace us with your selection then


Freshness level has increased :smiley:




What are we doing lol


I agree 100%

It ruins mafia for me on this site
no exaggeration
when people do this kind of shit i immediately lose interest in the game and respect for said person


I mean, unless you have a legit reason to replace out,

You gotta ride through the game

If someone commits to playing, they cannot back out

They know the risks of doing so.


Also Marl, who you aiming to unlock first?




Yeah, for smash ultimate


I’m not getting it
No switch


You don’t have a switch?

I thought u had one





I wanted to destroy your shulk with my boy wolf.


My Roy / Ike lel
Shulk is just a fun pick :^) not my main