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11111st Poster gets a cookie


Hmm, what type of drinks do u have?


Also smash comes out in 4-5 days for me

And some released a rough sketch of character unlocks in classic mode.








Sad thing, is that Wolf is one of the few that hasn’t been found yet :frowning:


If I play Samus, I get the woomy, but I don’t play Samus, OOF


I play Samus, so I get woomy and dark Samus.


Also, I’m gunning for Ridley and wolf instantly.


Legally that is


Kai, No.


Give me your woomy right now, or the space dragon gets it! :dragon_face: :gun:


Kai yes


ExCuSe Me ItS a PtErOdAcTyL


Also just to confirm, if you beat lucarios classic, you get mewtwo.


Mr. Sakurai said it’s a space dragon, bucko, so give me my woomy!



I’m getting inceniroar first

Then u get the woomy.


Give me the woomy or the flame cat gets it too :cat: :gun:


I don’t see problem herec


Now your holding FK hostage