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10000th Poster gets a cookie


cause you’re in a tavern only to hang out with your buds then you sip his beer



That’s not accidental


you’re accidental


You activated my trap card! NO U!


Lets say that I went out with my father to his party…and I picked up a glass cup, thinking it is my cup containing soft drink, and then I drank it without thinking.

But I quickly put it down tho.


no u too pure


[print of the news image]


Me dunt like this


Beer tastes bad, people literally only drink to get drunk and this is also overrated


I like the taste :frowning:




All sodas are overrated


Rasberry lemonade is gr8 m8


what is a rasberry


A berry that is named ras?


drops in
I’m back from quality family time, it’s that time of the year, bois



Mike McCarthy got fired omegalul




I know right

I fucking died


he deserves it tbh, he coasted on Aaron’s talent and this L put the GM/Owner over the edge