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10000th Poster gets a cake


I browse ifunny unironically :joy:

11111st Poster gets a cookie

People still think Merc is a guy smh


I honestly love it


Ok now u my boie


( // > < )



I thought that for the longest time
But I also thought Squid was a boy
and Shurian and Dama were girls

so just goes to show that my gender reads are as accurate as my fm reads :slight_smile:



Wait Squid is not a boy




Man why the hell everytime I open the thread this plays alone


that’s the point


Can you edit it please :frowning:


No :grin:

Who are you to decide who gets to see my memes


I just don’t want to hear the same thing everytime I open the thread even though I don’t want it
Anyone can see your meme, idk, there isnt any youtube URL for that?



Thank you o7




i can shitpost in here if i want


not with autoplay you can’t :^)


why does it even exist then

there’s no autoplay for me