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10000th Poster gets a cake


School can’t


undertale 6




One innocent Chad boi vs one virgin scum

Who would win


@Mercenary host a turbo?


I can still run the GI one any moment


Im down for even a cop9er do whatever you want :slight_smile:


@Mercenary is it gonna happen xd




If it is stupid but works it ain’t stupid

Edit: it fell down and I perceived the it could be put in decently at the sidetable


merc what the hell


Can I comment on how I dislike the usual motivational propaganda
Like no I don’t have a fighter spirit
I don’t want to prove everyone who doubted me wrong
My urge to so something that someone told me I could not is nonexistent
I only want to have support on whatever what I’m doing, not to be challenged.


That kind of attitude is way more prominent in dudes than it is in gals
not intending to be sexist, that attitude is generally bad anyways
just something i’ve noticed
might be a hormonal thing


I noticed it as being pretty standard, oh well.
Makes sense on being hormonal, but my lack of initiative to go out my comfort zone is also disgusting.


there’s only one good kind of motivation


thread limit was upped to 50k we should unlock the old cookie thread

[FM] Valkyria Chronicles - Game Thread - GAME END - Empire & Journalist victory!



Heck yeah


only when this one reaches 50k.


damn, why is there a BD page on my webcomic.