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10000th Poster gets a cake





Hjasik is Terueru

we have been over this marl, Come on.


When you pocket someone successfully:


i think i just got an ironic award on mu


what’s this mean


What did you do


I don’t know
I revealed as IC immediately at the start of d1 and did basically nothing helpful


Marl, why did you shut down the Danganronpa Ultimate Thread? >:(


It wasn’t even in the MU awards place I don’t think what




i def have a badge next to my posts now


I think they just forget to announce your name unless I’m missing it



apparently it’s a group award

@eevee what does this mean and how did i earn this


Because I’m a modern hero
I’ve saved at least 4 people’s lives from dying of cringe


You got the award for existing as a part of anni’s town


i am strong boi
fear me


No worries, I’ll just smack you a few times with the nerf hammer of oblivion and wreck your winrate.


Someone host a turbo


@Firekitten ^