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10000th Poster gets a cake


Ultimate Family Guy


ultimate cleveland show


@MaximusPrime Alright, Maxi, rate how broken this class is.


it’s more broken than the pug alchemist.

delete the class



class and logbook wiping is strong but she has low and delayed kpn as well as being outed pretty much if someone visits him and brands post restriction to out


u wot m8


Danganronpa 2 - Trial 1 Spoilers


@Marluxion am I legally allowed to make a shitty danganronpa ultimate thread like the grand idea thread?



ok everyone

sicko mode or mo bamba?

  • sicko mode
  • mo bamba
  • sicko bamba

0 voters


play sicko mode,only white girls listen to mo bamba


loser plugs new thread


what if you played them at the same time?


oh hey
wargroove comes out on switch in like a week


You can pre-order it now


Also I have a bullshit 7 hour health and safety course the day it comes out which is :c


good night fellow


on a side note:

Gundham is a blessed Danganronpa character



What DR character am I go