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10000th Poster gets a cake




Ici, Hippo, -, -, Firekitten, Marl, Captain, Confusto, Vulgard, Htm, me?, Sam, -, -, -, -, Memesky, -, Psycho, Aquillon, -, -, Shurian, Hipp0

Fairly confident about those.


Firekitten is Gundham because he breeds little sheep as the scum leader and they obey every command.

even the town does


I’m pretty sure Marl’s pfp was Ryoma :thinking:


someone list all danganronpa v3 characters for me


I was most unsure about Marl in that lineup actually. Ohhh that was Margaret actually.


marl was the fire emblem


other than Kokichi



marl is fucking Kokichi.

he is a supreme leader.


that’s all I’m saying.

marl is the supreme leader of these forums


Pops in with Shuichi cap


can I have a list of all DRV3 characters.

names only


tbh. I feel sorry for hjasik.

we put him in that position unconsentually


@H_Hjasik your sacrifice was needed



Can I show you the talents too?



no hopes, despairs or unknown tho

if they’re ???s keep it as that


only hopes n dreams


I know who the ultimate Despair of v3 is but still


Kaede Akamatsu - Ultimate Pianist
Shuichi Saihara - Ultimate Detective
Rantaro Amami - Ultimate ???
Angie Yonaga - Ultimate Artist
Gonta Gokuhara - Ultimate Entomologist
Himiko Yumeno - Ultimate Magician
K1-B0 - Ultimate Robot
Kaito Momota - Ultimate Astronaut
Kirumi Tojo - Ultimate Maid
Kokichi Oma - Ultimate Supreme Leader
Korekiyo Shinguji - Ultimate Anthropologist
Maki Harukawa - Ultimate Child Caregiver
Miu Iruma - Ultimate Inventor
Ryoma Hoshi - Ultimate Tennis Pro
Tenko Chabashira - Ultimate Aikido Master
Tsumugi Shirogane - Ultimate Cosplayer