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10000th Poster gets a cake


no we said you’re teruteru


Oh geez, I don’t know who I would be… probably Shuichi but since Pug hasn’t played that game yet, I’ll say Chiaki cause “she’s a girl gamer and is tired all the time”




I already know someone who I’d say is Junko


I got class be back in like an hour to two hours


Also imma just say that Kiyotaka reminds me of Marl a tiny bit


Margaret is celestia


that’s an easy one like me as nagito


Im junko


PKR seems to also fit Nagito from what I’ve heard from him.


Loss memes are overused but have the only epic one


Alright everyone.

let’s assume no duplicates.


let’s try to make a fuckin roster


I’ll open up a spreadsheet soon




no sans komaeda

bad thread


Guess which pfp was mine in this picture and you get a cookie


This is an old one.


I know, it’s going to be extra challenging figuring out who is who


nekomaru is the heavy from tf2