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10000th Poster gets a cake


He hasn’t played V3 yet, Blizer, he doesn’t know who second best boi is


Wait he hasn’t

Pug, your playing v3


Is it Kazuichi?



my friends are sorta stalling my progress as I’m recording the entire playthrough


I’ll accept kazuichi I guess.

i like kazuichi


Id rather be Hiyoko


just Nagito is too easy to link to me which is why


There both characters nobody likes

But, since your more perverted



let’s play the box ticking game

Boxes Nagito Pug
Hates self
acts unnervingly calm at times but can crack
Laughs like a fucking maniac
Has complete delusions
Memes/jokes in unfitting times
has a part of the brain that doesnt seem to work



it’s your job to tick the boxes


now let’s unconsentually say which danganronpa characters everyone is.


I’m honestly hajime now that I think about


You care to have a battle?


Like, I try to help people out in trouble, while being kinda distant at the same time.


also there’s times where I can be really suspiciously lucky


Nah not really

I’m just pointing out my character


nagito reference.

but yeah it works


IM junko


also pug fact:

I wouldn’t really care if I lost a limb