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10000th Poster gets a cake


@insanity @pug @ furries


I wasnt even pinged tho


Yes God.


I’m going to read A shit in the dark in a VC one day.


I’m bling bling. I’m bling bling you can tell because it says it on my ring ring


Undertale OST - sans.


with the sans komaeda fanfic

  • NSFW and pretend it doesnt exist once it’s done or ever mention it again on these forums
  • SFW (boring)

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He at least stopped rolling away in a desesperate run.


can you like instead


I can read the disgust filling up your soul


I keep clicking on the push pins to re-pin a post after it unpins itself when I view it, but it ain’t repinning. Whyyy ‘-’


What is a pin


For example the Birthday thread has a pin

Just to the left of the title


In future make sure to check the settings or google it if unsure and you should find the answer pretty quick :wink:


Good mod


@discobot roll 1d3


:game_die: 2


@discobot roll 1d3

rng solves everything


:game_die: 1


@discobot roll 1d3