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10000th Poster gets a cake






kanye west’s energy sword


;i am so hungry
i wonder if there are Hot Dogs™️, a delicious and nutritious meal, around here. o my who is that over there with the white hair…???,?,???"

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                      <p data-p-id="0f7fac3876e89d94c829d86add440c2d">&quot;YOU ALWAYS TRY TO EAT MY BAGELS, I&apos;M SO SICK OF IT, HINATA!!!!!&quot; the greasy white haired boy screamed.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="4370481307a35293f7706cd91d4a1468">&quot;omg they are arguing. i should keep my distance.&quot; sans quickly started walking the other way.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="88f7495f762e7e7977cc2e77ebabc125">&quot;YEAH? WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST LEAVE ME, KOMAEDA. FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR NAPPY ASS WIG!&quot; the spikyheadass boy, presumably hinata, yelled back.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="136c3ef4a48b6bf0364df10e17ba6286">sans&apos;s heart skipped a beat at the word &apos;komaeda&apos;. was that some type of food? it sounded...... familiar. sans is very hungry right now, so he could be hallucinating this whole situation.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="1d45c38eccae0cdc0077ce99ef4408bb">&quot;YEAH? WELL I&apos;M FUCKING DONE WITH YOU. JUST GO.&quot;</p>
                      <p data-p-id="3a3786240ab58d90f7309339cdcbb235">&quot;NOT WITHOUT THIS!&quot;</p>
                      <p data-p-id="21c50cf39e0ef4b226c757fdb97689f0">sans heard a fabric-y sound. he couldn&apos;t quite figure out what he heard.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="33b6ada00c62bfb9d7d76d8277203c7a">a scream..</p>
                      <p data-p-id="d67da3c970a62ce329855e88c67a8d48">footsteps......</p>
                      <p data-p-id="1b6769260d3cc89745e7b11228715113">sans turned around. the spikyheadass boy was gone. all he saw was a bald boy. he was crying. he had the same gray eyes as the nappyheadass boy from before. those beautiful, beautiful gray eyes.</p>
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                            <img src=";w=720&amp;h=720" data-original-width="1024" data-original-height="931" alt="&quot;what the fuck are you looking at?&quot; whined the bald headed boy">
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                      <p data-p-id="2b3d93b598b96b9e6411f34132346888">&quot;what the fuck are you looking at?&quot; whined the bald headed boy. he was sniffling, tears still running down his face.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="ee5e97656c9e6a5acffaa4f8982c4e44">sans got a good look at him.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="b5e0132391cfcaa7b50411ad929241dd">he was....... komaeda.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="46426aa4d8e5d5a7e02ea86d22f2fa1e">their eyes both met for a split second.</p>
                      <p data-p-id="3bd2e816eec23628dd2e97bb16b62049">and then they....</p>
                      <p data-p-id="79f9c8e3404ff9cb04bfef7b738cc668"><b><i><u>....remembered.</u></i></b></p></pre>








Is this one of the example where pfp gone wrong :eyes:



no it’s an example of sans komaeda




reposting this because it was lost through the epic shitposts








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