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Nagitoes (Shrek x Nagito Komaeda x Sans)


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sans komaeda power hour


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Him: A Komaeda X Sans Fanfiction (#Wattys2018)

Komaeda hates his life. He gets bullied at school and he’s single. But then, a new kid comes to school. That New kid is named…Sans.


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The New Kid

Komaeda slumps onto his bed and sighs. He hates school. There&apos;s too much drama and thots nowadays. The boy with the tentacle porn hair just lays on his bed depressed. Why can&apos;t things be much simpler? What makes things worse is that there&apos;s a basketball game tomorrow and he&apos;s the captain. He isn&apos;t emotionally or pgysically prepared though. Crying, Komaeda falls asleep.</p>
<p data-p-id=“76cd8140b6c1d78305626023ef75de31”>–Le next day–</p>
<p data-p-id=“9c95ba492e9e29f91fd3946ba6d4772f”>Komaeda arrives at school. When he enters the building, everyone is snickering and laughing at him. It&apos;s true Komaeda has a strange appearance and unusual hobbies, yet it&apos;s all feels so damaging. Komaeda enters the classroom and agressively throws his books on his desks and sighs. The teacher comes in and inteoduces a new kid. The new kid has a blue hoodie, Nike&apos;s shorts, pink granny slippers, and a muscular and tall body. &quot;I am Sans,&quot; the boy says.</p>
<p data-p-id=“de85615c52946ce43ed1d978d59c6190”>Komaeda stares in awe. Sans…is perfect. He&apos;s never seen a boy like this before. Maybe life is good. Maybe life isn&apos;t so bad after all.</p></pre>


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The Big Game

Komaeda was just in awe. How could one boy be so perfect? His muscular body and his blue, beautiful eyes is just making Komaeda crazy. “Komaeda?,” The teacher asks the boy. Komaeda snaps back into reality. Oh yeah, we’re still in class, he thought to himself.

–Time Skip–

It’s lunchtime. Komaeda as always is sitting alone at a table. “Hey, can I sit here?” Komaeda looks at the person who asked that. It was Sans. Oh god it’s him. The perfect boy. “Uhhhhhh s-sure,” Komaeda mumbles. He’s trying to hide his blushing. Sans sits right next to Komaeda. Komaeda is going nuts now. A boy he just met and doesn’t have a chance with is sitting next to me, the blushing boy thinks to himself.

“So uhhhh, there’s a basketball g-game tonight. I’m the captain. I was wondering if you could make it?” Komaeda awkwardly asks Sans. “Sure! I’ll go to it.” Sans responds. Oh shit this is getting heated. The perfect boy of his dreams is going to his basketball game tonight. For the rest of lunch, Komaeda and Sans just talked to each other and got to know each other a bit more. Komaeda got up from the table and was blushing so hard. His crush that he just met just talked to him and he’s going to his game tonight. This is going to be a wild ride alright.

–Another time skip–

It’s the basketball game. Komaeda is looking at the bleachers for Sans. Finally, he spots him in his blue sweatshirt. Komaeda blushes and snaps back into reality. He runs into the court.

Komaeda can’t concentrate. He’s ro busy thinking about Sans. Oh Sans, with his blue eyes and muscular body. When Komaeda snapped back into reality, the opposing team scored a point. Oh shit, Komaeda thought. I have to get my mind off Sans.

Luckily, Komaeda managed to get his mind off Sans for the remainder of the game. His team won. When Komaeda looks at the bleachers, Sans is starring right back at him, smiling and clapping.

Komaeda is still in the locker room. He’s the only one in there. He hears the door open and at first he’s startled, but he relaxes when he sees him. The blue-eyed wonder Sans.

“You did well, Komaeda!” Sans happily says. “T-thank you, S-Sans.” Komaeda responds back. “Komaeda, I have something to confess.” Sans announces nervously. Komaeda starts blushing like crazy. “W-what is it Sans?”

“I-I love you, Komaeda.”

Komaeda’s heart beats faster. He starts shaking and blushing.

“I love you too Sans.”


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After their confessions, Komaeda and Sans kiss each other. It’s a long, passionate kiss. Sans puts his tongue into Komaeda’s mouth. Their tounges fight for dominance, but Sans wins, and they make out even more.
Sans takes off Komaeda’s shorts and underwear. He does the same thing too " you ready?" Sans asks nervously. “Y-yes Sans.” Komaeda responds.

[nsfw paragraph]

Sans and Komaeda are both panting rapidly.
Sans, I really do love you. Komaeda says with an exhausted laugh.
I do too. Sans responds.
They share a hug and kiss each other. Finally, Komaeda is with the boy of his dreams and Sans is
The end

Author’s Note
That was really fun to write and the hot yaois is fun to XD. Hopefully I can write another story like this another time X3333.