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1.2.1 Patch Notes


Worst change.

I like how the ToL devs listen to the community. Keep it up devs!

Could use a different name. Pretender king is bland and unoriginal. Maybe “Exiled King” instead.

Does Merc still need to survive to win?

I would’ve changed it so it determines its target’s immunities to keep it original, but this is fine. Why did you change the name though?

This is good, but magic missile should be replaced with another ability. 2 KPN is high for a killer. It could also use a more original name(I’m not sure what though).


I like this, but one use is a bit weak. Instead of having it be a night ability, it should just be a one-time passive.

Change the name, Fool already has a passive called Trickery. Trickster would be fine. It’s great other than that though. Now the only change scorned needs is making it so Trollbox can work on whispers(There should be deception to everything)

I agree that identify was weak, but why couldn’t you just merge identify and gaze instead? And Identify would be a more fitting name for the current Gaze.

This is great, seeker can now fake observer. It should be rename to gaze though.


How many uses does this have?


FFS Boslof. I refuse to play this patch now


probably 2, the same as uses of identify


This one is a brilliant change. :0


Wow… i liked all the changes! Good job boslof :p!

Except for no new probe icon
Simply unacceptable.


You liked that they didn’t change probe icon???

Must be a heathen

Errr I mean TVC is right. Not changing probe icon is sinful


Ah wait let me edit my comment


Wait… uh… on sorcs class card her new day ability isnt there


Oh hey southrobin I’ve played with you in game :smiley:


SR posts quite a bit on Discord!
But you wouldn’t know that feelssadman


Thank god, now I can feel less salty when I get killed as Merc with only 4 Brilders




Is not rood is sad

come play ToL


At school :frowning:


This was before 1.2.1



So now when we have a pretender king,
What are the good/evil/pretedender chances?


Well you can’t start as pretender king




Just coming in to say from first glance, I like the scorned, king and sorcerer changes a lot. I understand why people want pretender buffed and alchemist Stoneskin back (so he can be more flexible rather than spam heals on himself). Great balance patch.