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1.2.1 Patch Notes


Quality of Life:

  • Did Not Change Probe Icon.
  • Added the type combinations to Flirt’s notification tab in the class cards.


  • King can now talk during the self-defense stage of the trial.
  • Maid Spy & Cult Spy now carry over when a player’s class changes.
  • Added Pretender King.

Minor Class/Ability Changes


  • Moved around descriptions in the class card.
  • Now only needs 6 brilders to win. Gets 10 gold for each one above 6 that they finish with.


  • Mind Control can now be used from the beginning of the day.


  • Family Matter renamed to Blood Test. In addition to discovering if a player is Royal, it will also give the same results as the Princess’ Flirt.
  • Fixed Kinslayer not being tagged as an attack.


  • Added Day Ability “Bomb Swap” - Move a bomb from one player to another one. Cannot target King. Infinite uses.

Major Class/Ability Changes


  • Added back Coagulate and Stoneskin Potion.
  • Stoneskin Potion has 2 uses. Can no longer be used Day 1.
  • New Passive “Prepared” - Starts the game having used Stoneskin Potion beforehand. They will be death immune Night 1.
  • Can no longer target self with Crimson Potion.
  • Truth Potion now only tells you a player’s faction.

Pretender King:

  • Like normal Neutral King, but doesn’t have Guards!
  • Instead has Guards? - Makes Pretender King death immune for the night. 1 use.


  • Removed Stalk.
  • New Night Ability “Trickery” - If target player is executed tomorrow, they will appear as the chosen class. 2 uses.


  • Removed Identify.
  • New Night Ability “Reveal” - Discover who a player targets, and who targets them.


A tragedy


Delete this.


Delete this ^


Also, day defiling will be fun. A bit strong for skilled players, but still can net hilarious results.


Yes. Just yes


I’m disappointed


It’s going to be funny when you defile the prince and then CC HIM


“Prince jail and execute the faker”

Herbalist: “heyyyyyy”


And then 2 players flip scorned


It’s perfect


You ruined it


Massive Support for all of these


These are all good changes, although Sorcerer probably was fine without it, but does eliminate the feel bad of having to bomb that alch or sellsword you random bombed day 1 or something.


You bastard


It stays as the Fool


I like the name of new ability.


I think the ‘non-killer’ neuts are near perfect now, just need to keep an eye on Alch (too powerful?) and Pretender (too weak?)


This is actually amazing

Not the worst thing ever because Stoneskin is already there but now everybody is gonna whine about X class not being immune N1 so eh

Better but still not a fan of the goal

Also Guards? is pretty funny, so

Overall pretty positive patch I think