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1.2.0 Patch Notes


His old identity was flawed, I say bring on the changes


Well at that point it’s personal preference.


Actually JOAT quite fit with Alchemist. But honestly currently I would probably reconsider to change his objective.


I had no issue with her being a JOAT


The best way to play alchemist is this

N1 truth, find prince
N2 emerald potion prince gg


Better yet.

N1: Emerald potion prince gg


Why not just emerald potion him first turn and claim you truthed him?

When they exhume and discover you’re the killer say “THEY COULDN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”

^not my meme, got it from the Discord


My question with alch now is what does truth potion show after a duchess uses dark whisp or a rituralist uses brotherhood






This suggestion was for FoL not ToL, my bad.


Given that MM appears to be sheriff when checked whilst in the shadows is active. It makes sense for CL to be seen as paladin whilst brotherhooded, Knight is shown for Assassin, and Duchess would appear to be princess


Did anyone else notice that Stalk uses the same icon (and does the same thing) as Window Peek?

Factionist BD propaganda shuns the Scorned for doing the same thing their Observer does :^)