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1.2.0 Patch Notes


It really isn’t that hard to get no one to pardon someone. Just say in all caps how no one should pardon and they will get the idea


lol fair enough


BD may not understand logic but they do understand commands that slate their bloodlust



Neutral Social

Confusion (Passive) - For every single day after you are executed, it will not show up who pardoned and who voted to execute on every trial, but the Assassin, Cult Leader, and NK will be unstoppbly occupied tonight. If the BD publicly kill another neut this effect wears off.

Japester (Passive) - Occ and redirect immune.

Trollbox (Day) - Fuck with somebody’s speech because why not (Infinite uses)

Deceive (Night) - Frame yourself. (2 uses)

Hide (Night) - don’t die tonight (2 uses)
You win if you get executed publilcy.

i’ve created a monster


Someone had to really piss Ici off to make him post a fool alt. Especially one like this


somebody made an NK that turns people into Fools and a new Sorcerer hardccounter within the span of a day
i’ll show them
i’ll show them all!


More fools are needed!


Crappy meme incoming



Neutral Killer

Circle of Souls (Passive) - Should you die with at least one soul, all your souls will course into you, reviving you instantly and reaping everyone who visits you at the cost of every single soul you have.

Gather Darkness (Day) - Strongman your reap (2 souls)

Icy Touch (Day) - Shut some guy up and stop them from voting. (2 souls)

Reap (Night) - Reap a player’s soul (Infinite uses)

Double Swipe (Night) - Reap two players tonight. (2 souls)

You win if all who do not need to survive are dead.


they almost look balanced but really they’re complete and utter shit!



Aka kill all fools


I bet this is favourite Ici’s weapon…


As someone who’s confused why this patch made such drastic changes – I"m not complaining BTW – can I ask what were the developers’ intentions behind this?

Some things that confuse me, for example, are why the Inquisitor-Sorcerer nemesis thing was completely removed instead of trying to fix it? Also why was Scorned changed so drastically? It had some minor problems like both targets dying N1, or an N1 frame on a Mystic always backfiring in Unseen games, but I didn’t know anyone wanted it completely reworked.


People wanted more true neutral neuts. Idk about Scorned and Fool but I’ve definitely seen that request for Merc, Alch, Sorcerer and Inquisitor spacificaly.


To be honest, I was looking forward to Inquis and Sorc

You’ll never know how good it felt to finally win as sorcerer
(The day before the patch)

The alch change didn’t felt needed, but it helps(since now mm can also claim alch)

Merc was meh before the match. Basically another BD class, but you can win with NK. Now, I’m still confused on how your supposed to win.

I felt Fool was in a good place, though I can see why they changed it.

With scorned, all they needed to do was let me keep trollbox after I win, and I’d be perfectly ok. But I think they changed it since it’s the old “Your Exe” style, and dumb bd being confused.

Though tbh as long as I get my trollbox I’m happy

(Last games I played with scorned, scorned claimed D1, and basically won with my execution)

And the fact that they side with BD. I think they should change it a bit, since it feels like another BD role.


Because that’s basically impossible.

Reworking Inquisitor was the logical decision.


Sorcerer-Inquis interaction was removed because you couldn’t make inquis weaker or Sorc stronger, without completely discarding the idea

I mean, it basically was Yolo stab randos who seem sus, and hope that 1 of your 3 targets is Sorc(true story, I stabbed Sorc n1, and got exed d2 “bc I’m poss”)
But it was unfun as Sorc, and too easy as Inq. Most of the time, BD killed sorcerer for you(or so it seems)


To be fair, it might’ve worked better if Sorc didn’t basically hard counter Inq. Inq’s only option was to stab randomly since their detection method was worthless. I’d have liked to them try the suggestion on the forum (make it easy for sorc to hide from BD but impossible to hide from Inq) but I also like this new stuff a lot.


Yeah pretty much sums it up I guess

And while UncannyLuck is right in that Sorc was also super hidden from Inquisitor, hardcounters are kinda ridiculous to balance; and since we’re already trying to balance freaking conversion here a 33% chance of a scum-aligned NK with a hardcounter Neutral was pretty much asking for too much.


I don’t really know why people were asking for more true neutral neuts tbh. Some neuts will always benefit one side, doesn’t mean they aren’t neutral.


For some of them it makes sense. Mercenary for example doesn’t HAVE to be as BD sided as it was (although it definitely could be). However Sorcerer and Fool are NE for a reason.