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1.2.0 Patch Notes


I agree with everything you’re saying but it’s clear from this patch the devs are not striving for competitiveness but for something more like Chaos Mode.


It’s not chaotic though :thinking:


Reaper and Sorcerer can kill faster and there can be 3 NKs per game if I’m reading this right (Reaper/Sorc/Poss + Inq + Pretender).


I’m not complaining btw, I’m sure this will be hella fun


“They aren’t NK they are iNvEsTiGaTiVe”


You forgot about dual Alch


Pretender isn’t NK. You are thinking of alch


Why the hell does everyone think pretender is an NK??


kills oh wait why is it a NK



Unseen is even worse now :octopus:


First game I play and a scorned is outing n1 cause they cant die and get to reveal peek results for free. There’s no incentive for someone to play scorned like an evil, just like alch now. I think both scorned and alch should have only 1 night of death immunity (either inherent or charged ability) otherwise they can just play like a good boy BD class while being unkillable.

Pretender is badass and the fool change were good however. No thoughts on merc so far.


Fool’s debuff should help evils, in this scenario there is rarely any good from Unseen/Cult pushing a fool exe. Poor Fellow should not affect evils who vote execute.


I agree, neutrals are usually there to throw a wrench into BD’s game solving… this seems to hurt evils with pretty much every neutral change.


If everyone exes then it resolves as if the fool popped out of existence mid day


Just fool and Scorned. The other changes didn’t do that


Scorned is now a BD good friend.
the previous incarnation of Scorned was much better.


*if nobody pardons


If someone DOES pardon and they are not confirmed BD then you execute them next day


And then they were BD and lol