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1.2.0 Patch Notes


maybe because it was needed?


I’m not. Reap just felt boring

Reap, gather dark king,

Silence later days





Plz rename Heathens to Heretics

Then I can yell at people with my name Inquisitar saying “It says here your a Heretic!”

Also plz add looking at a scroll as an emote

Then I can be a true crusader


ohey you’re back lightsin


the one thing I do have to say that’s kind of weird. The most minor NK buff. was applied to the NK with the lowest winrate. (well admitted sorc is for all practical definition a whole new class, so not sure how his new winrate will compare)


Yeah. Have school though…

Won’t do much FoL, but i’ll Probably either host a purgatory style game this winter or simply join one

(I’m trying to get a bit of practice in so when I host WotT, I’ll be able to do so)


but a Heretic is a self-proclaimed Christian who doesn’t follow the canon doctrines of the church while a Heathen is a non-believer of Christ so it makes more sense to be slaughtering heathens to be a crusader


AKA, increasing the spawn rate of Observers lol

thank you

Fool is too easy to win with right now, this will make it much more difficult to convince people you’re just the right amount of scum

Poss had trouble closing out end game, this is perfect for him and he can even fake claim as Noble with his whisper reading abilities/stealing journals.

Reaper is the NKing

So basically Alchemist can fakeclaim as any class they want and if an evil investigative like Seeker or Duchess find them, the evils can know who Alch is and coordinate with them. Neat.

Hello Arsonist. I wonder how this will go.

Claim Scorned D1, go find scum and get your win. Ez money. No reason to play evil.



Then Saracen?






Actually it’s SK with a day Arsonist douse that it has to take a night off of killing to ignite


Arso by day. SK by night. We call him… the wereialkiller


Holy damn that KPN could be insane if his bombed targets live to the end of the game.

Sorc is all “why trick people when you can just kill them?”


and the bombs bypass immunity so sorc has a way to end the game




This gave me a idea for a arsonist “investigative” NK


is actually MM




Wow didn’t know you loved sorc that much until I saw the hidden message:
I LOVE SORCERER I Love sorcerer