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1.2.0 Patch Notes


I think it’s better this way becausw it forces people to be less passive and not abstain


Why does alch need to invest?


To find a girl.


If you are gonna have a neutral JOAT he may aswell have an anti-BD wincon. Alch can fakeclaim loads of classes which would be interesting. As he just has to survive however he can just confirm himself as Alch super early via Block/Invest and then chill.


Well I just got Princess twice in a row woho fuck.


Alch and inquis will be hard to play as espically scorned… but man merc really


What? This new Scorned should essentially be an instant victory here. Aside from permanent night immunity, the confirmation from TB alongside the fact that there’s now a huge overlap between the Scorned and BD’s goals means that as long as BD executes people during the day then they’ll win.


“Okay guys I’m scorned don’t worry I’ll help you be a unkillable investigative”


“Nice try Seeker go commit Death-pacito.”


Objectively the best change. My quality of life has certainly been improved.

All good changes that let the NKs stand out from eachother even more. Fool exe now being universally bad for non pardons is a nice touch as well.

Warrants its own thread. Not a fan of this change but time will tell if it makes any positive impact or allows Alch to not impact the quality of games negatively.

Good change overall, keeps the theme of the class too. Definitely one of my favorite changes.

I’ve given this a try, and the class could certainly do with starting with some bridlers (2-4). Games have to go on for quite a bit to even get close to 8 bridlers. Being disruptive with who you guard to earn bridlers faster and more consistently will increase the likelihood of you being executed and blocking attacks increases the likelihood you’ll be attacked. The class just gets killed before it has a hope of achieving its wincon.

That said, the building blocks for an interesting neut are here, some tweaking to numbers an abilities and there may never be a need for a Merc rework ever again.

Makes Scorned more neutral and dynamic with multiple paths to achieving the wincon, only critique could be that the wincon is perhaps a little easy to achieve. Great change overall though.

I’ll miss the NK that can win with Evils niche but this was a necessary change. Excited to give it a try.

Neut with a high skill floor and a unique route to victory, a very welcome addition to the neut roster, felt really fun to play when testing on PTR as well (even with the bugs at the time). Looking forward to trying it out more.


Yeah same she was my favourite Neutral Killer despite the flaws that she and Inquisitor had.


it does create a clever trick though… vote inno, then don’t kill.

true though the lack of the opposite option certainly creates an issue though.


Why? There was nothing wrong with poor fellow.

This doesn’t really fit the theme of reaper.

This is too easy. Plus the purpose of scorned was to discourage early accusations. The old scorned was fine, it didn’t need any changes. The only issue with it was that it was more anti-BD than a true neutral, and there needs to be more true neutrals.

Could use a different name that’s more fitting for sorcerer. Maybe Dark Mark?

I like it, but sorcerer’s KPN seems like it would be too high now. I would replace magic missile with CoD or change Perception to a night ability: Perception(infinite) - determine your target’s exact class. This should also count as visiting and bypass everything(it would be a bit weak on its own).


I gotta say, the inq rework is probably my fav thing on this rework. The old inq I always thought BD was stupid for… all he could do was effectively kill 3 random people, which made me facepalm that some reason that was a perfectly acceptable open claim because his “goal” was BD sided (even if the only methods he could possibly assist in attaining it were scum favored IE blind stabbing, or trusting the almost certainly sorc tampered with investigative results). Now he’s finally outright defined as a semi random killer.

The interesting part will be how the heathens handle it… will they try and work together in spite of not being able to trust the other heathens are on the same side etc… will it likely be a good idea to note to prince if you are a heathen (so he can be on the lookout for an inq), the possibilites of it are quite interesting.


RH you overestimate Arsonists


This is arsonist +1 KPN though.


maybe it’s something NKs need :man_shrugging:

let’s test it



It’s an SK that can Arso in the background

It’s gonna be powerful, but its weaknesses mean it won’t be OP at all imo


Reaper now has circle of death
why is nobody else spooked about this


So, when I finally win as Sorc, it gets reworked?

Oh well

Boslof apparently hates my skill