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1.2.0 Patch Notes


I probably won’t have time to play, can someone give a bit of clarification to “heathens”, can any class wind up being a heathen? is it just scum or BD, or can it be a mix?


Classes that can’t be Heathen:


When we last played they were all BD.

That may have been RNG.


It was RNG.


I just realised Starting Cult Leader and Assassin can be Heathen. Kek

Well it least he’s some sort of “True Neutral” which i like a lot.


Oh shoot also

#ChangeFoolToJustPeopleThatExecute :cry:


Yeah but last time Inquisitor won D2 so hopefully that’s not the norm lmao


Let’s see…

1 dying to Inquisitor, 2nd was killed by Yolobomber and 3rd was killed by NK/Assassin.

EZ Clap

Realistic scenario btw


Actually it was Inquisitor and Assassin, and then the third got lynched


Huh is Neclord no longer going to post? :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear I saw him typing and was pretty excited ;(


Important change.


Well I have just seen Pretenders portrait and damn she is hot.


While I did like Sorcerer’s old objective I think that she will be even more fun to play now.


My concern here is that this might be disadvantageous for evils, because it is known who votes guilty or innocent. If a fool dies and the evils voted guilty they’re wasting a precious night. If they voted innocent and someone dies that night they’re suddenly very suspicious.

Perhaps executing the fool should cause the votes to become unknown or something?


Pardoning because fool is a good excuse for pardoning a fool


You suck at quotes. He didn’t say this


No u


Which one?




Okay mom.