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1.2.0 Patch Notes


With alchemist, I would potentially lower the stoneskins, since he has gotten a lot of other potions, plus he could always tar N1 to find someone’s class and “prove”

Possessor with the force vote is also great tbh.


Tsk, so capability to claim Noble…

It’s still trash tier strat. /shrug


The best thing about this patch is the best Faction got buffs.

But generally is it probably one of the biggest if we’re talking about reworks/content.


Is this bypassing occ immunity ?


It’s disabling the abilities like you can’t even click on them I think


Disabled is different from occupying.


I think it works like when Scorned wins their frame is disabled. This is not occupying.


True but i assume it still doesn’t bypass prince.


It would disable the execute button
If it doesn’t I riot for favortism


I doubt it tbh


why though it’s literally disabling the ability it’s not fair if it doesn’t disables prince.

There is no reason it shouldn’t.


Think of it as the old Scorned/Inquisitor. Abilities can’t even be selected.


Yeah i got it but prince could maybe get a favorism.Since prince is kinda special and hh cannot stop him.


what? no.

If it does I will be mad tbh.
Prince is already strong enough his fault for executing the fool.


Happy Hour cannot stop prince so


Pretty sure HH does block him but whatever


Nope it doesn’t i tested it.Drunk hh’ed same night i exed mm and my exe went through.


It doesn’t, when it should tbh.

Also prince should be disabled for executing its his fault tbh.


Also Sorc not having to deal with Inquis is a huge boon :innocent:

Good patch overall


Radical patch

It’ll be super fun

But you know I had to do it to 'em