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1.1.7 Patch Notes


I saw three sheriffs.It was nightmare tho.


I am so sorry.


We have actually been here

We lynched the only legit one iirc

The rest were liars


Ì just saw three paladins.
a nightmare for an unlucky cult.

BTW’ its really hard to make sens of TOL old stats, since 3 classes allowed is a major change,


Okay so next step:

Decrease odds having like 3 same classes in one game. :thinking:


Yeah that was a bad idea.


Does that still apply if king is possessed? I just had a game and my vote was made clear.


He means royal election.


That’s probably a good idea


Well I’d say it’s one we need to see more of to really know how it’s longterm effects are. I honestly see the good in that change. I mean you claim phys, the second a phys dies it feels like the noose is already on your neck… you already feel like you are at the edge of possiblity.


Prince jail shouldn’t be a part of the 5 second lockout.


If the prince isn’t why should the others? :thinking:


Prince is special one tho.He can even jail on trials.


Yeah, the 5 second lockout feels like it’s designed to prevent evil people from poisoning/tbing at the very last second.


Next I’m going to suggest that Loyalty doesn’t make one day without lynches.

I’m going to suggest it removes the benefits of royal blood much like FoL.
(Credit to orange I think)


Uh that’s useless now.


Okay true.

But it allows scum to get their buddies up much more easily


Unless their buddies are Royal

I agree that that no longer works

Which sucks but net positive so


well I’d say for starters, the prince isn’t one that involve reactions or effects during the day. The point of it is to give people time to react to say being poisoned, bled, or even distracted etc…

Actions that don’t actually take effect during the day (rather just queue during the day), don’t really need that warning time.


Everything is great, but Noble still needs changes. The main problem with Noble is its day abilities. They’re too confirmable, twin is very niche, and they don’t fit with the theme of Noble(which should be spying). Also, I both like and dislike the “king votes are no longer shown” change. It’s good because there can be more scum Kings, but bad because I liked to scumread the king votes. Maybe they could only be shown when a king isn’t elected.