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1.1.7 Patch Notes


Damn, is that what wikia is using now? We should probably switch to a different wiki host lol


Yeah see I just woke up and saw they changed RB and Uniques to 3 and lost my shit. Thank you (and the Discord) for pointing out they actually used the Anon part too :smiley:


Honestly the same thing happened to me. I saw the patch and spacificaly thought it couldn’t be that big.

I’m glad I was wrong


Overall though, this brings a lot of huge QoL changes and I’m excited to try em all.

Up next: King Meta. Obliterate that shit :wink:


I didn’t ever think that 3 of each class would be a thing

Now the triple Knights can return and use Triangle Attack


Cap only increased for BD classes? Aww… I was looking forward for a triple fool game :frowning:


every class is fool

even the King


Yesh. YESH! Oh yeah, and @guides , report resolving panel fixes galore


That would be best game ever.


And time for mm to claim princess has come again.I like this patch tho.No more mechanical confirmation


oh that’s coo-



really good changes, especially the ones that dampen the whisper meta btw


Bos should let 3 fools be in one game too :^)


Throne of Fools


I think aristocrat still should have 3 spy maid.And noble should have 2 spy maid.




Its a lot of effort to do because no wiki has the same system meaning we have to go through and fix everything that doesn’t work the way it should, but it definitely is something I want to get around to



Probably worth it because browsing any wikia page on mobile is a nightmere nowadays


I’ll just put this up on a new wiki and call it a day :^)


just imagine, 3 phys and evil claimings phys.
man that,s a nightmare.