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1.1.6 Patch Notes


I sense it too.

They’ll eventually turn every class into an unconvertible priest


oh god… Flashback intensifies


Well I guess my computer is gonna “stay broken” for longer

rip tol


Guards would still be a bit weak though. It should just be changed so it prevents all targeters. That way it would still be useful to evil kings.


Gud change fite me


Hey I forgot there was a new emote, going buy it now lol


You’re lucky


In TOL a lot of the balancing issues with King is the randomness if its going to be evil or not, of course unseen will have a massive advantage if King is evil like bd will have a better chance with good king.

The thing is I don’t really mind if one side gets a advantage from game to game, the only way they can make king so it doesn’t cause massive swing is removing it or making starting King’s always Neutral be Neutrals tend to side with Bd because they don’t want to annoy the majority faction.

Also TOL isn’t a balanced game due to many factors like conversion, random luck and other things

It’s a mix of skill and luck of course I don’t really don’t mind if one side has a advantage as long as it isn’t too drastic


Love these changes!

Nice to see a new Phys day ability (that isn’t overly verifiable)
And the new king seems awesome.